When we discuss the energetics of a tea or tea family, we’re expanding our view beyond flavor characteristics of a tea into the possibility for considering how the tea makes us feel, too.

In this offering, we’ll be diving into the category of fermented teas, such as pu’er. We’ll go into some of the production details that make this category unique, and through comparative tasting and guided mindfulness exercises, learn more about the character of fermented teas and how the body responds to them.

If you have a few pu’er or other dark teas (ie: fermented), you’re welcome to do the exercises presented in the workshop, accompanied by a few simple brewing items: gaiwan or cupping set or gongfu/small pot, a pitcher or “fairness cup” to decant into, small cup for sipping, and an electric kettle.

*Note: Pu’er is the name of a specific type, and the most famous variety, of fermented tea. The category as a whole is also called Dark tea. You may see tea suppliers list it as either on their website menus.

Original airdate: Feb 2020