A soothing, contemplative practice to welcome the winter season! The end of the year is traditionally an auspicious time for tea lovers – a time for gathering close, sharing tea with dear friends, and reflecting in gratitude on what we take into the days ahead. In this special tea meditation workshop, we’ll work on journaling exercises to tap into gratitude, plus a little free-form creativity through crafting. And of course, tea! We’ll also explore the inherent energy of this special season (winter/advent/yule) and how we can use it to better be in touch with our inner needs.

To accompany our guided meditation, we’ll be preparing our teas in gongfu style – a mindful, centering method of practicing tea.

Suggested tea materials for this workshop:
– Gaiwan/cupping set/small pot or whatever you have to prepare a small personal serving of tea
– Small cup for you, plus 3 additional small tasting cups
– Serving pitcher (ie: “fairness cup”)
– A tea you’ve been saving for special occasion – YOU are that special occasion today!
– Candles, as many as you like!
– A placemat (festive theme, if you like) to focus your tea space
– Electric kettle
– Comfy place to sit, on the floor or at a table

For the journaling exercises, you will need:
– A journal and pen
– If you have colored paper, cut out about 12 shapes like a tea leaf, large enough that you can write a few words on them.
– A printout of the included exercise sheet (Personal Values assessment, by Brene Brown), posted in the Member Resources section: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wwqD7BQzjouep43q3hlUFjzkCBH3aZsv

Want music? I’ve made a special Spotify playlist that you can play along softly with this class. Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2J75SQ2bTbd0TPXEgcMg6S?si=aLfxq6E2Su6OlYkQCAjdxw

Allow about one hour of uninterrupted time for this session. Peace and Tea be with you!

Original Airdate: Dec 2019