Winter is an inherently inward season – life slows down, nature goes into rest mode. Lacking some of the more vibrant input that helps us feel connected during the rest of the year, it’s a common issue in winter to feel low in energy, direction, focus and connection.

In this winter-focused tea mindfulness class, we’ll look at teas and practices that help enrich our often depleted, sluggish energy and mood reserves in the winter. This includes approaching our tea practice from a structure used to sequence yoga poses: Brahmana (expansive) vs langhana (reductive) energy.

We’ll be doing comparative tastings in this class to understand these qualities better. Suggested teas and materials include:
– Comfortable place to sit for an hour, with blanket for warmth as needed
– Electric kettle or hot water thermos
– Journal for note taking
– Personal size teapot, or an infuser basket and mug
– Gaiwan and serving pitcher or tea bowl. Alternately, a cupping set works great.
– Variety of loose leaf black teas for experimenting.

Suggestions include classics like Darjeeling or Nepal black, Keemun, Assam, Yunnan, and sturdy teas of East Africa, as well as newer or more unusual black tea origins like Japan, Georgia, Scotland.

Original airdate Jan 2020