In this seasonal workshop, we broaden our understanding of tea to include the concept of energetics and which teas can best support us in the deep of winter. By energetics, what we’re looking at is how specific types of tea can help us tap into qualities like warmth or cooling, grounding or lift, energized or calm. This workshop will include brewing and guided tasting to witness the effect of various teas, in real time, finding out what specifically fits your own winter needs.

I would suggest about 4 teas for this session, from different origins and seasons if possible. Here are the teas I will be demonstrating:
– A green tea
– Silver Needle white tea
– Assamica-type black tea (so, generally any East African tea, or Assam teas from India, tea from Yunnan China)
– Sinensis-type black tea (generally Darjeeling or Nepalese tea, tea from Fujian China, Japanese or Korean black tea)
– You may wish to also bring teas that you specifically know are from different seasons, such as spring and autumn harvest.

For preparation, I would recommend using either cupping sets or gaiwans – anything that allows you to prepare small samples and be up close to your tea. You’ll also need an electric kettle, thermometer (unless your kettle controls temp), and a gram scale.

Also have a journal handy, as we’ll be doing some guided exercises to explore our findings.

Original airdate: Feb 2019