The warm sunlight and long shadows of autumn beckon us to take things a bit slower. Just as our foods shift and change in the autumn season, so too can our tea habits and meditation practice. Even producers of tea who live in climates where tea still grows in autumn change their methods and intention with the leaf – autumn tea is simply not the same as spring or summer. It is this awareness of the season around us that can help keep us grounded and in our body.

In this mindful tea workshop, we’ll explore both teas which are seasonally appropriate for the energetic support they offer – like oolongs and pu’er teas – as well as teas specifically produced in the autumn season and what makes them unique. Includes guided meditation with a tea of your choice.

**Technical Note: This recording does experience video drop out in the first 30 min. Audio is unaffected. I will be re-recording a new version this fall. (2020) **

Suggested teas for this workshop include:
– Japanese bancha
– Dancong oolong
– Autumn harvest Taiwanese or Chinese oolongs
– Pu’er tea
– Autumnal teas from Nepal or India

You can brew either bowl style (leaves directly in your teabowl) or using a gaiwan with a teabowl of your choice.

Original airdate Oct 2019