Pure, emerald green matcha inspired a method of ceremony study in Japan inherently linked to Zen Buddhism, rich with lessons in maintaining balance in each passing season. In this workshop to celebrate the summer solstice, we’ll explore how matcha can be used as a form of lovingkindness meditation, how to mindfully prepare matcha in a nod to ceremonial traditions, and how the spirit of summer is interpreted in the tearoom.

If you’d like to practice preparing mindful matcha during this class, some suggested basic items include:
– Container of fresh matcha
– Handheld tea strainer or a matcha sifter
– Matcha scoop, or a teaspoon
– Chasen (bamboo tea whisk)
– Chawan, or any tea bowl
– Electric kettle
– Thermometer

You may also wish to sit on the floor for this workshop, as matcha is traditionally prepared from a seated position.

Original airdate: June 2019