One can think of tea meditation practice as both the state of how you are while drinking the tea, as well as the state of how you are while preparing the tea. In this workshop, we’ll take a more seasonal look at how we’ve studied brewing in tea meditation so far, and adapt our practices for the warmer weather. This includes bowl style tea, gaiwan brewing, and gongfu style. New teaware options will be introduced, and we’ll also revisit learnings from a previous workshop (Cooling Yin Teas for Summer).

Suggested Materials:
– Quiet place you can practice for about an hour. Comfortable floor cushion.
– Electric kettle, adjustable temperature or with a thermometer
– Favorite tea bowl
– Favorite gaiwan + decanting pitcher
– Selection of loose leaf teas you’re currently enjoying, of these types: white, green, and green oolongs.

Prepare in advance some “ambient brew” tea : combine a teaspoon of green oolong tea in a tall glass/mason jar + cold filtered water, allowed to sit at room temperature for about 3-4 hours. If using green tea, allow to sit for just 2 hours.

Bonus! Prepare in advance some cold brew tea : a teaspoon of white tea, green oolong, or green tea in a tall glass/mason jar + cold filtered water. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours.

Original airdate Aug 2019