Summertime is full of vibrant energy, colors and tastes. Certainly a time to celebrate, but also to relax and preserve our health. It’s very easy to over do it, committing to way too much, flying through the weeks with hardly any rest. A regular tea meditation practice – specific to the summer season – can help!

In this seasonally focused workshop…
– Learn why green tea can be an ideal support to the summer season.
– Taste a variety of green teas, from various origins and production techniques, including different brewing methods.
– Learn a summer-focused tea meditation practice to cool down, slow the excited mind, and sustain a peaceful energy.

For this workshop, we’ll be tasting 3 different teas. If you have something similar from this list, feel free to bring any or all 3 to the class:
– Japanese green, such as sencha or gyokuro
– Jasmine green, or a naturally floral, fragrant green tea, such as Yunnan and Nepalese greens.
– Anji Bai Cha or a traditional pan-fired green, such as Dragonwell

Also make sure you have your meditation tea bowl for open, loose leaf brewing (any rounded cup, 8-10oz), plus an electric kettle or a thermos with about 18oz of hot water (around 160F).

Original airdate June 2018