The early leaves of the new tea season are being harvested right now, as quiet spring days grow ever longer and warmer. In this seasonal workshop, we explore the concept of energetics and which teas can support us best in springtime. We’ll be looking at not only the tea type but also the brewing method with these exercises, too.

Suggested Materials:
Any similar type of the teas listed here:
– Green tea (Chinese pan-fired type), steeped in a glass pot or even small mason jar.
– White tea, brewed in a small tea bowl or a small mug.
– Sheng pu’er (green/raw type), cake or loose is good. Brewed with gaiwan or gongfu pot.
– Electric kettle, enough to brew all 3 of your teas
– Journal or personal notebook
– Quiet place to sit for one hour

Original airdate: Apr 2019