One of the most abundantly aromatic types of tea, oolongs are not only helpful for smoothing out and deepening the breath, they can also aid in digestion and rest. This workshop will focus on dancong oolongs (“single grove” or “single tree”), each charmingly named for their expressive flavors: Almond Fragrance, Sweet Potato, Ginger Lily, etc.

We’ll practice preparing our teas in traditional gongfu (“with skill”) style – a mindful, centering method – while also practicing tea pranayama (yogic breathwork) for meditation practice.

If you have some oolong teas you would like to use for this practice, you can brew along with the following items…

Suggested Materials:
– Gaiwan or gongfu style small pot
– Pitcher or “fairness cup” to serve tea
– Small sipping cup or small tea bowl
– Small dish to hold dry tea leaves
– Electric kettle + 1L/1qt of water at least
– Comfortable place to sit for about an hour of practice

Original airdate: Oct 2019