The last course in our 3-part summer series dedicated to slowing and cooling, this workshop is about one of the more easily overlooked treasures of tea: Sound. In our daily life, there are sounds that soothe, calm stress, and bring us to a place where time is slower and at ease. Tea is rich with such experiences.

This gentle, intuitive workshop focuses on finding focal points for our mindfulness practice with tea, rooted in sound. You’ll learn about types of sound associated with tea, how to create them, and how to interact with tea sound in a way that brings the mind to a calm state.

Brewing equipment is optional for this class, but you may wish to have on hand for familiarity:
– A gaiwan or cupping set
– A kyusu teapot
– A yixing teapot + shallow dish to catch water (“tea boat”)
– Several visually different types of loose leaf tea, portioned onto small dishes
– Bamboo tea scoop and other wooden tea utensils
– Electric kettle, ideally a gooseneck kettle
– Water cooling bowl
– Tea bowls of various texture ceramic
– Matcha preparation tools (whisk, sifter, tea scoop)

Otherwise, just make sure you have a comfortable, quiet place to sit for the hour, and perhaps just some tea to enjoy while we study together.

Original airdate: August 2018