“Non-Doing.” It’s a funny term, but a really lovely one, rich with meaning.

Very simply, non-doing is the space that opens up when we stop getting in the way of ourselves, when we’re just present. It’s the understanding of when we’re trying too hard, in both very subtle and very obvious ways, and we teach ourselves to back off. Just stop. This concept is found both in traditional meditation practices and philosophy (such as Buddhism or yoga); it’s also found in bodywork and movement therapies. It’s also found in tea.

In this calming session, using tea as our guide, we’re going to practice what non-doing feels like, along with a related concept (“inhibit”), to build more space for time in our life. If you would like to brew along, we’ll be doing simple work with gaiwan style preparation (gaiwan, pitcher, sipping cup). You can also use a gongfu pot set-up, or even bowl style drinking (tea leaves loose in the bowl). This is more about the movement of preparation and drinking, less the exact style/tools you practice.

Original Airdate: Oct 2018