Gongfu Cha is a traditional way of preparing tea with mindfulness (“with skill” is the translation of gongfu). The focus of this workshop is tapping into our capacity for what is called “calm alertness” – a patient presence, poised yet relaxed – with tea as our way of practice. We’ll take a deeper look at gongfu techniques that cultivate our sense of compassion, generosity, and ability to be with ourselves and with our tea. Nourishing our patience is an integral part of restoration.

Suggested Materials:
Either a gaiwan or a small gongfu pot
A sharing pitcher (“fairness cup”) to decant the tea into
An assortment of small bowls or cups to decant tea steepings into (cupping bowls are really useful for this)
Electric kettle + at least 1L/1qt of water
Optional timer, to just gain a sense for time
Loose leaf tea of choice, something friendly to brew (a mellow oolong or black tea)

Original airdate: Sep 2018