How can we have a more connected practice with even a humble, quick serve tea bag? While I am usually working with loose leaf tea myself, the conversation I want to introduce in this class – and demonstrate with guided meditation exercises – is to choose tea first. Function over form. If the choice is between having a 10 minute practice of mindful tea – or not having one – and all one has available is tea bags at the time, well certainly, you should choose to sit with tea!

In this class, experience the differences between the styles and learn how to work with what you have even better. If you would like to do the exercises during class, you’ll need 2 small tea mugs, a loose leaf tea of choice, and a tea bag of choice (ideally of the same category type as the loose tea). You’ll also need an electric kettle or access to hot water, and a comfortable place to sit for an hour while we practice. You may also wish to have a notebook for journaling about the differences you notice.

Original airdate: Jan 2020