Been interested in meditation or mindfulness for a while, but don’t know where to begin? In this workshop, we’ll talk about what meditation and mindfulness mean, how tea helps us in this practice, and details like how to set up your space, schedule ideas, items you may wish to use, and various practical techniques for integrating tea. This workshop includes both lecture and guided meditation exercises.

Suggested Materials:
Bring any tea you are enjoying right now for practice, ideally loose leaf.
Tray or small dish for holding your dry tea leaves before use.
Electric kettle or thermos of hot water.
Small tea bowl or mug (something that feels comfortable to hold between both hands).
Optional journal or notebook for personal reflections.

Additional Reading:
“How to Meditate”, Pema Chödron
“Miracle of Mindfulness”, Thich Nhat Hanh
“Wherever You Go, There You Are”, Jon Kabat-Zinn

Original airdate: Apr 2019