Being Tea Online Memberships

For years, I’ve had students in workshops at studios, festivals or conferences ask, “Where can I go to do this more?

This made me realize that online education for tea should be available in the same manner as in person workshops – something self-directed and rooted in natural curiosity, allowing people to learn about tea and practice at their own pace, without the required goal or financial pressure of a certification program.

In early 2018, I created an online membership program to allow anyone, at whatever level they are or goals they have, to sign up for regular monthly tea classes.

How membership levels work

Being Tea’s monthly membership is hosted on a platform called Patreon. The basic levels are very simple:

One class per month for $5 members, plus access to class archive, or…

Two classes per month for $10 members, plus class archive access.

The program operates on a 3-month seasonal series theme for classes.

Each series theme is posted a month in advance.

Topics include functional tea skills for both enthusiast and professional, as well as the exploration of tea’s usage in meditation and mindfulness practices. 

The goal is to guide and empower students to engage with their tea more intuitively, in a way that can be integrated daily. This is how I learned tea, through apprenticeship and working with tea every day, seeing those connections form all year round.

Customized business / group levels & private tutoring also available.

Contact me for details!

Ready to join?

Browse the program home page, then click on the orange “BECOME A PATRON” button at the top of the page to select your preferred member level. 

Got questions?

Contact me directly and let’s chat!