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Designing Sober Inclusive Experiences

THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 6:00-7:30pm CST

Join Being Tea for a special event with our wonderful friend in sobriety education, Chris Marshall of Sans Bar! We’ll be sitting down for an in-depth, interactive conversation with Chris, the founder of Sans Bar – Austin’s first sober bar – and advocate for inclusive sober experiences and mental health awareness.

In this conversation, we’ll be talking about the art of designing inclusive experiences, based on Chris’s own experience in the field as he launched Sans Bar in Austin and cities on a nationwide tour.

– We’ll learn what really makes spaces come alive when we structure for meaningful connection, especially for folks in recovery or the sober curious.

– And we’ll examine how capitalism forces us into unhelpful binaries, and what we can do about this as advocates and consumers ourselves.

– We’ll also be taking questions from the audience!

All funds raised go to Sans Bar and to help Chris with the launch of his new endeavor, the Sans Bar Academy, educating future creators of sober-friendly spaces. *Please note: This event is only being recorded for Being Tea members.

One Ticket: Designing Sober Inclusive Spaces with Sans Bar


The Practice of Activism for Introverts and HSPs

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 12:00-2:30pm CST

“Right now, the world is at a tipping point and we need the activism of all concerned global citizens.” – Omkari Williams

What comes to mind when you hear the word “activist”?
– What are the people involved doing?
– Where are they working?
– What emotions do you think they are feeling?

Can you see yourself in that vision? If not… have you ever considered why?

Join lifelong activist, Omkari Williams, for a special workshop sponsored by Being Tea: The Practice of Activism for Introverts and HSPs.

Omkari’s specialty is helping quiet activists find their place for making a difference.

For people who are HSPs (highly sensitive persons), we feel the injustices of the world very deeply. And sometimes this can lead us to shut down right at the very moment when our particular way of communication is so very needed. The introspective nature of tea – itself historically growing at the crossroads of peace and conflict, liberation and suffering – can be our teacher for how embodied activism becomes the strength in our quiet.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to develop a master plan for turning your story, vision, and strengths into action. Key learning points in this interactive workshop include:

  • Uncovering your Activist Archetype based on your unique strengths
  • Exploring the origin story and roots of your activism
  • Identifying the knowledge you need to get started
  • Opportunities for intersectional action
  • Creating a game plan for activism you can sustain

Yes, this work can – and should – bring us to places that are uncomfortable. But we can work from a place of lovingkindness and without causing shut down or harm to our well-being.

Let’s consider Omkari’s definition of activism:
For me being an activist means that you are someone who takes consistent action, whether in front of the scenes or way behind the scenes, to advance a cause that you are passionate about. For me the size of the action isn’t the point, what matters is that you are regularly taking action to make a difference.”

The world absolutely needs what you, gentle tea person, have to offer.

Tickets for this workshop are available sliding scale, with options listed below. Choose whichever is comfortable for your financial situation right now. All ticket sales go directly to support Omkari’s work, with 10% being donated to the ACLU to support their fight to protect voting rights across the country.
*Please note: This event is only being recorded for Being Tea members.

Choose ticket for “THE PRACTICE OF ACTIVISM” with Omkari Williams:

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Being tea x animalltea sunday meditation

Last Sunday every month, 12pm-1:30pm US CST/ 18:00-19:30 GMT

Announcing a new monthly event, in partnership with Animalltea! Join us the last Sunday of every month for a guided community tea meditation, supporting our friends in conservation and environmental stewardship. Based in the UK, Animalltea is a different kind of tea company: With their every business decision, this small team asks themselves, “Will this action hurt animals or help them?” ALL profits from Animalltea sales go vetted organizations supporting wildlife conservation.

Tickets for this monthly gathering are $10 and available directly through Animalltea at this link. While this space is specifically dedicated as a place of healing and respite for conservationists, all are welcome to attend.



EVERY SUNDAY, 9am – 10:15am CST

Quiet Tea Sunday is, as the name implies, a space for enjoying some silence. A space for reconnecting with yourself and with your tea. No demands for your time, attention, performative actions. Purely restorative. Self-care. This weekly offering includes guided tea meditation, plus exploration into practices that help anchor us in the present moment and stability. In this space, you can expect to experience different nuances of meditation practice with tea, guided yoga nidra style relaxation, restorative yoga postures, breathwork, personal (non-shared) journaling, and supported silence. Sessions also include group sharing time for community support and integration of our self-care.

For attendees who sign up for a month pass, you also have access to class recordings for all sessions that current month – even if you sign up a few weeks in! The month pass is also a great option to practice at alternative times on your own, if attending live doesn’t always work for you.


Quiet Tea Sunday – Single class

This is for one class, live only (no recording). I’ll email you to confirm which date you would like to attend!


Quiet Tea Sunday – Month pass

This includes all sessions for the current month. Plus recordings of any sessions you miss, too!


Tea & Contemplation

Every Friday, you can join me and my dear friend, yoga teacher Adam Grossi, as we co-teach an exploration of inner world connections. Both tea and yoga come from rich traditions of contemplative practice, intended to be used in the home by everyday folks, and have much to offer for guiding us through choppy waters. We’ll start each session with themed, guided tea meditation, then a reading/sharing of poetry, essays, or philosophical writing, and discussion for how we incorporate this into our daily life and coping toolbox. Each month centers in a specific theme or topic.

Class payment is sliding scale (suggested $1 – $20). Monthly packages to take a whole series are also available. If lack of funds hold you back from practice, let us know and we’ll get you in.

Being Tea Day Retreat

*Early 2021 date announcing soon!* 11am-6pm CST

Being Tea Day Retreat is a full day of tea sensory exploration workshops and guided tea meditation, sequenced to provide a balance of stimulating lift and relaxation. Each retreat offers a new theme and new selection of workshop topics.

For more detailed information about Being Tea Day Retreats, including the upcoming activity schedule, check out this page.

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