This program is the exploration of ‘how’, building on the ‘why’ in Sensory Skills. The transformation from asking questions to opening answers.

Learning to cup Japanese teas

In Train the Trainer, students learn how to transfer knowledge of tea into a living educational program – one that sustainably supports business growth, career path development, original creativity and genuine love of learning. Ideal for staff trainers, managers, senior leads, and conference speakers. Train the Trainer leads clients toward self-empowerment in their knowledge, able to lead and inspire their staff in the way that makes sense for their operational needs.

Note: All teacher training courses are inclusive and designed to support trainees who self-identify at any point along introversion/extroversion. There are none of the typical public speaking drills in this program! Training style supports full sensory learning experiences. All courses are interactive in nature and may include live teach-back exercises for trainees to their class peers. All courses are natural personality and self-expression supportive, content fully informed (no sneaky surprises), and designed to be non-intimidating so your own natural training leader can come through.

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