Hands-on, sensory-based, truly experiential learning is where the professional practice of Being Tea begins.

The Sensory Skills program of customized and interactive workshops is specifically designed to support different learning modalities. They are an essential start to taking tea from an academic study to a tangible, physically embodied skill. Ideal for baristas, retail staff, mixologists and hospitality directors, trainers, management and buyers, professional tasters and apprentices.

The core group of Sensory Skills Workshops are listed below and may be taken in any order. Each is complementary to the others. Seasonal workshops are also available.

Note: While additional botanical/herbal ingredients – such as spices, fruit or flowers – may be featured in some courses, all Being Tea education programs are focused specifically on tea made from Camellia sinensis (ie: the “tea plant”) and related cousins.

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Sensory Skills: Tea Introductions
Sensory Skills: Beverage Lab
Sensory Skills: Advanced Brew Bar
Sensory Skills: Professional Tasting

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