My life in tea came from a search for more tactile, physically integrated sense of connection.

I train retail staff and fine dining, brewers and sommeliers, baristas and coffee tasters, tea importers and growers, mechanical engineers and scientists, bodywork therapists and counselors.

My classes have been as small as one and as large as over a hundred. Yet, I notice they all have something in common…

People who activate ALL of their senses in the process benefit the most from tea. My deepest passion in tea is shepherding these connections.

At a deeper level, people are looking to match their curiosity with physical knowledge to work and play with tea, confidently. There is power that resides in our sensory self… and magic happens here when we touch tea.

Being Tea came from a realization that tea could be the medium for this work, in a way that affects both industry trade workers and tea enthusiasts. Simply reading about tea in books or learning only from what’s written on the package or in an article isn’t the same depth of engagement as immersing yourself in it. Your whole self.

Whether someone wants to work with tea professionally or they just want to better understand how to incorporate it into their life more fully, Being Tea can support you.

Everyone’s path is truly their own – from the teas they are drawn to most, to the language they use to describe them, to how they process sensory knowledge in the body. It’s this very obvious individuality that has personally kept me so alive and drawn to teaching tea for so long.

I can help prepare folks who need personalized training for their professional work with tea, such as cupping skills, brewing mechanics, wholesale client support, or training staff members.

I also teach people who are interested to use tea in a complementary way to their existing work such as community workers, therapists, and bodyworkers.

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As a devoted tea educator of more than 15 years, my work has been as much about organizational support as it has been individual learners. In 2018, I was honored to receive a World Tea Award for Best Tea Educator, acknowledging the impact that my love of tea and teaching has made in the industry.

I would love to hear from you! Reach out to me directly if you’re interested in options for studying tea.