Join me for a full day of tea exploration, from the comfort of your home!

I’m offering Being Tea Day Retreats as an affordable, accessible way to engage more creatively with your home tea practice, sharing a variety of topics and workshops each month. The ticket price includes the full day of sessions – you can come and go as you like, plus recordings are available for anything you missed. Some retreats may also offer the option to get a kit of teas for specific workshops, so you can work with the same teas I’ll be using!

All workshops are specially structured to work with items commonly found in the kitchen, and for many tea enthusiasts in their home stash. A suggested list of teas and materials is provided in advance, although these are by no means necessary to have an enjoyable time. Everything is always structured for easy accessibility and adaptation. See below for this month’s upcoming retreat schedule. An FAQ is included at the end of the page.

Being Tea Day Retreat
Saturday September 26, 11am – 6pm CST
September’s Theme: Autumn Meditation Exploration
*Workshops announced later this summer!*

Morning Session
11:00-11:10am – Opening welcome/set-up
11:10am-12:45pm – Workshop 1
12:45-1:00pm – Mini-Break

Afternoon Session
1:00-2:10pm – Workshop 2
2:10-2:30pm – Guided Deep Rest
2:30-3:00pm – Full Break
3:00-4:15pm – Workshop 3
4:15pm-4:30pm – Mini-Break

Early Evening Session
4:30-5:45pm – Workshop 4
5:45-6:00pm – Q&A/Group share or Guided Deep Rest

Our retreat for September MAY have a tea kit option available – a selection of timely teas to complement your practice. Details coming soon! Ticket only options always available, and every Being Tea Day Retreat is structured to accommodate whatever teas you have available right now. Promise!

Day Retreat Ticket Only


Being Tea Day Retreat FAQ

“What do I need to have available to participate?”
I send a list of suggested teas and equipment ahead of time, which varies with each retreat. Some key items we use a lot include: Electric kettle, gram scale, timer, small handheld strainer, and items for preparing small servings of multiple teas. You could do this using tea cupping sets, a few gaiwans, or even small mugs/jam jars. The idea in many cases is to brew just 4-8 oz of each tea, not large pots.

“Is my camera on the whole time?”
Not if you don’t want it to be. You can have your camera on or off as you like, and I keep microphones muted, too, mainly to avoid excess noise or feedback. You can unmute your mic at anytime to ask questions, though, and discuss something with the group. We also utilize a text chat feature, so you can even be silent the whole day if you like.

“Do I need to have all the same teas as you? How much tea is that?”
Ok, well to just note one important detail here: I am a teacher by trade, so I do have quite a lot of tea! But I by no means expect anyone else who doesn’t work in tea to have a warehouse of product available. I’m also very cognizant of not wasting precious tea. As such, I purposely structure the topics and lessons for each retreat using what you have available. On average, if you have say 4-6 different teas, you can have quite an enjoyable time! For some retreats, I am able to send kits of teas to students in advance. If that option is available, you’ll see it listed with tickets.

“What about breaks for food, or to just, uh, pee?”
The day’s schedule includes breaks after each workshop to transition our activities, and these are listed above so you know when they are coming. You’re very welcome to move around, stretch, use the restroom, or eat some snacks and meals anytime throughout the day, too! We’re all in different time zones, so you take care of you and I’ll be here as support.

“What if I can’t attend all day and I miss a session?”
The whole day is structured so the workshops are independent of each other. That is, while they share a theme, you won’t miss any crucial information for a later workshop if you miss an earlier session. Recordings are also available to ticketed members for sessions they missed, so you’re covered!