Tea Meditation + Journaling has been a feature here in the Being Tea program for several years now – it’s a regular part of our Quiet Tea Sundays weekly series, for example, as well as some standalone courses in the Tea Meditation library for Being Tea members.

In this introductory course, you’ll learn what makes this a unique form of mindfulness practice, how to integrate journaling with active tea drinking, working with themes, and setting yourself up for a schedule and environment that works for you. Beginners totally welcome! No experience with mindfulness or creative writing necessary.

Suggested equipment:
– Loose leaf tea of choice
– Electric kettle
– Alternatively, thermos of hot water, enough for 2 brewings (18oz or 600ml)
– Tea bowl or any rounded mug or small bowl (for rice, ice cream, etc), about 8oz / 300ml
– Small tray for holding loose leaf tea
– Journal or simple notebook for our exercises
– Any supportive items you would like to include, such as a candle, fabric or placemat to practice on, small houseplant, flower, etc
– Cozy place to sit comfortably and quietly for one hour

About your instructor

SUZETTE HAMMOND: Sooz (they/she) is the founder of Being Tea and is an award-winning teacher, professional skills trainer, and tea contemplative and spiritual practitioner of nearly 20 years. Being Tea offers interactive online learning, as well as a first-of-its-kind teacher training program for tea professionals. Sooz’s teaching style centers on caring, holistic pedagogy, non-linear and experiential learning, and promoting tea as a practice for mental well-being. Sooz is also a certified trauma-informed meditation teacher. In 2018, they were honored with a World Tea Award for Best Educator.

Contact Sooz at sooz@beingtea.com

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