Being Tea offers a unique point of view for consulting services: Education and empowerment.

The clients I take on all have educational needs at the core of their requests.

This might be help with self discovery, storytelling or brand identity work – who they are in the marketplace and how they can leverage their own resources to go further.

Or it might be a specialized new project where there is little (or outdated) tea knowledge within the organization to proceed.

It might also include a need for staff training, as well as Train the Trainer for creating a knowledge succession plan.

When you choose to work with Being Tea, you’re collaborating directly with someone who is doing the work right along side you. My services are very hands on, patient and flexible for your needs.

My product development work has included projects like RTD tea flavor lines, tea blend creation from creative concept to final shelf product, to even developing new brew technology for home appliances (photo: Ninja Hot Cold Brew System).

My consulting services include customized training and even extended mentorship of key staff members, product quality assessment, marketplace comparative assessment, educational materials creation, and tea product photography.

When you book time with Being Tea, the time is yours to use however you need – everything is customized for you. You could book just a few days, or even several weeks or months.

One of the things I love most about my work is being with clients in their own native environment – with their equipment and space and unique considerations. This is where the real work happens of making tea come to life.

I’ve worked on location with folks everywhere from Seattle to Miami, New York to Austin, Nashville to the Bay Area. Even internationally, including Berlin (photo), Krakow, Ankara, Seoul.

I’ve also lived on location for clients, so it’s completely up to whatever your unique tea project requires.

My rates are also very reasonable, with options for small and medium businesses, as well as corporate clients.

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