Online Training for Businesses

Ongoing support for your business, through online workshops and customized topics, is available with Being Tea. Under my monthly membership service hosted on Patreon, I offer private Business Tier options catered to your needs.

Your staff can participate in any of the regularly offered group classes each month, plus we can collaborate on private workshops just for you. I make special consideration for small businesses in terms of pricing, as my mission is to make quality tea education accessible for everyone who needs it.

New classes are released every month, by the way, plus members receive access to the 2018’s “beta year” class archive.

Contact me for questions and details; pricing is based on business size and number of employees who need access.

On Location Training & Projects

One of the things I love most about my work is being with clients in their own native environment – outside the classroom, with their equipment and space and unique considerations. This is where the real work of making tea come to life happens for businesses involved in tea!

I’ve worked on location with folks everywhere from Seattle to Miami, New York to Austin, Nashville to the Bay Area. Even internationally, including Berlin (photo in header), Krakow, Ankara, Seoul.

When you book Being Tea for a visit, the time is yours to use however you need. Often, we’ll do several workshops together. I also include open time for problem solving for you, program development, coaching and research. You could book just a few days, or even several weeks or months. I’ve literally lived on location for clients, so it’s completely up to whatever your unique tea project requires.

Got questions? Wondering how this all works? Get in touch and let’s chat!

Conferences & Festivals

Planning a conference, festival or special event? Being Tea workshops are available for booking nearly anywhere in the world. Traveling is a deeply connected part of my work, and this very much includes conferences and festivals.

Regular events in the U.S. where you can take workshops with me include the Northwest Tea Festival (supporter of Being Tea for 12 years!), World Tea Expo and the Midwest Tea Festival. Most popularly requested topics include professional cupping workshops, tea brewing labs, matcha preparation, cold brew and tea beverages, and tea meditation.

I’m trying more cities on my regular circuit every year – get in touch if you’d like to learn about workshops available for your event!

Tea Meditation Workshops

Tea lends itself naturally to the quiet exploration of patterns in behavior and movement, mental constructs/narratives of Self, and how one relates to other people, nature and environment. Through tea, we learn how to listen to the body’s cues and better modulate our responses to stimuli – positive or negative – in a soothed, non-reactive manner.

The ultimate goal is to leverage this understanding toward the rising stress in our life, diffusing its enormous grasp on our health. Tea can teach us this. It calms the busy, choppy mind. It grounds the body and connects us to our senses.

Tea Mindfulness Therapy is an original program of study that I’ve been developing. It collects knowledge from the deep cultural history of tea as a root for meditation practice and pairs it with modern insight from established mind-body therapeutic modalities. Solo workshops for studios, as well as multi-week series for small group and 1:1 private sessions, are available for this practice. Also available online as a membership tier level for members of my program on Patreon.

Examples of workshops presented online currently include:

Sound of Tea

Tea & Centered Movement Study

Present Patience: Gongfu tea

Interested to learn more about studying tea meditation yourself, or want Being Tea to host a workshop for your studio, business or organization? Get in touch here!

Corporate Yoga + Tea

Looking to build a wellbeing program for your employees? Tea meditation and yoga are powerful stress reducers and balancing skills that anyone, in any body, can learn.

Tea meditation and mindfulness workshops are a core element of Being Tea’s educational programming. Corporate classes are usually 60 min and include guided meditation practices as well as essential information about tea itself, centered around seasonal themes. Classes may be presented as regular workshops (biweekly, monthly, quarterly), or as a limited series (4-8 topical classes). Available anytime in the Chicago area, or with advanced booking in other cities.

Additionally, I am enrolled in training myself! This year, I will be certified in a 200 hour program for psych-sensitive yoga and will be incorporating yoga elements into my work. Tea meditation classes currently include yogic breathwork exercises (pranayama) and meditation techniques, but you could also request yoga asana classes (the physical postures) along with tea meditation. Interested to learn more? Send me a message and let’s connect!

Private Tutoring

Did you know I also offer private tutoring? This is ideal for folks enrolled in a certification program who would like some personal coaching for filling in gaps, or who just want to study a part of their program more deeply.

In my experience and based on feedback I’ve heard many times over the years, certification programs often go deep on details, but thin on time in any single area. Cupping and brewing mechanics are usually the lightest areas for time, so working with a tutor can be tremendously helpful to tie some of those loose ends together.

I’ve also tutored industry newcomers, new sales or customer service staff members, and tea enthusiasts. Think of me as your personal tea coach!

Sessions may be ongoing or focused into a limited term series, such as 4-8 weeks. Generally sessions are online, but depending on availability and location, we could also work in person. Got questions about how to get started, or if your needs would be a good fit? Reach out to me anytime and let’s chat about your needs.