This holiday season, I’m sharing a sweet little project that’s been several years in the making. A mindful year’s end experience: Between the Years. Much like our beloved New Year’s Candlelight Tea event, I’m hoping this also becomes a new Being Tea tradition in the years ahead.

This unique December holiday box focuses on the space between Winter Solstice and New Year’s Eve, with thoughtful teas, reflective journaling, contemplative quotes, and community gathering, all set to an intentional playlist of winter music. Each element is revealed piece by piece, counting down the final 11 days of 2023.

11 beautiful teas, one serving each (3-4g each), with a mix across categories.
– Teas are arranged by date (Dec 21–31), and are secret until you open them. They’ve been chosen all year long specifically for this box. No fillers or random teas!
11 reflective quotes and guided journaling prompts, printed and sealed, one for each day.

A chosen piece of music for each day, building into a lovely playlist for your meditation.
– Join our daily quiet community gathering on Zoom to enjoy your tea and the music. (20-30 min each day, 10am CST)
– This online tea session will be recorded, as well.

Our Between the Years Winter Box comes lovingly decorated, creating a sweet container for your practice. Great for gifting and ships in a protective mailer.

Between the Years is more than 70% sold out already. Spaces are very limited for these boxes, as I make all of these by hand. When we’re sold out, it’s really gone for the season. Sign up early so you don’t miss out! Choose U.S. or Canada shipping below; it’s included in the listed price!

There’s a lingering, slow magic about late December, if we just attune ourselves to look for it. It’s a doorway, a place of pause, a transition. Many of us have time off during this period, and that can feel uncomfortable sometimes. It can feel like there’s “nothing to do” until the New Year comes, other than wait – and that’s sort of the point.

Instead of rushing through the season, we can use this between-time for rest, reflection, and reconciliation. We can support ourselves in doing nothing, dwelling in candlelit quiet with tea. This is the space between the years.

Folks often have strong feelings around the end of the year.

We might get the blues once our cultural holidays are over, and all the gifts and festivities are gone. We can feel lonely. Our end of year schedules are often not in sync with our personal needs, so we cycle feeling bored, anxious, eager, nostalgic, melancholy – sometimes all at once. We might try to just tough it out, and ignore the world for a few weeks.

But what if we tried something different this time…?

Click here to read the fine print, especially if you are gifting!

–> Only available for folks in the U.S. or Canada.

–> Boxes will ship between November 25 and December 1, based on destination. Unlike Christmas Advent Tea Calendars, this box doesn’t begin until December 21. You’ll receive a reminder email one week before shipping. If you have an address change at that time, let me know.

–> The box is non-denominational and non-Advent centric. The dates and themes we are celebrating are inclusive for everyone!

–> You can enjoy the activities however you wish! Feel free to join us for the live quiet tea each morning (10am US central) or watch the recording. The journaling is just for you and is not shared.

–> All of the teas in this box contain varying amounts of caffeine. These are teas from the traditional tea plant (Camellia Sinensis), not herbal or other botanical teas. Non-caffeine substitutions are not available.

–> These teas are also unflavored, although some are blended with other traditional ingredients, such as flowers. No nuts, dairy, gluten, or common allergens. Please email me at if you have a specific allergy question.

–> The box is shipped in a protective mailer and is appropriate for gifting. Please note, the outside of the box is marked and decorated! So only ship to your recipient directly if it’s ok to reveal the surprise. If you would like to include a gift note with the box, email me at after you place your order.

–> As a very small business, I am unable to offer refunds. However, Being Tea’s box experience programs have a nearly 90% return customer rate! That’s a lot of happy tea people. 🙂 You’re in good hands here.